Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

Live Wire!

What I've noticed lately is this: My blog-pictures are really bad. Or so I think. The thing is, that I most times really like the outfits that I put together looking in the mirror, but as soon as the pictures are taken I look at them and really, really hate them. Maybe I'm just unphotogenic, maybe I take bad pictures. Maybe I seriously just look bad. I don't know, but I wish I did. It's really frustrating. Ah, whatever. Today I did some DIYing, I'take some pictures as soon as I'm done.

This is the only look I took pictures of that I like, recently. It was worn groceries shopping, very glamorous eh? The cardigan I'm wearing is once again made by granny, it's realy warm and cozy but unfortunatelly quite itchy,too, so I prefer to wear something long sleeved underneath.

Shirt- Mötley Crüe 
Blankie- Asos 
Scarf- Asos
Creepers- Demonia

Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012

Kitty Visit

Say hi Nala! 
We've got my boyfriends cat here to catsit right now. Aw, I miss having a cat around, they make everything so much more chill and cozy and purrrrrrry. I was trying to get her to take a photo with me but she's an old ladycat and doesn't like to be forced (little wuss!). Also exam-period is kicking in, wrote the first one today, two more to go.


 So this is what I wore to write my exam and go groceries shopping. Also I made that shoe mistake again (ha, did I realy think the aditional socks where going to to the trick?! But my Granny made them for me and I wanted to wear them. I have another pair, colorful ones, so cute! Thanks Nan) I'm currently waiting to recive my Creepers and sone other bits and bobs, should I do a haul? And how would I do that?

They are delaying the news because of some crappy, pathetic carneval-show thing. Damn you public television! Why am I paying 20€ a month if I have to wait for the f*****g news?

Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

Too cold for fashion.

So I did it again. Post on Lookbook that is. I guess that look doesn't meet their standarts but I don't just randomly put on stylish clothing and take photos of it, so this will have to do for now. It's still cold as s**t and you just can't go out in light clothing and stylish heels right now (not that I own that my pairs of heels anyway...) or at least I can't. Maybe I'm just not hardcore enough. Hmmmm....

Freitag, 3. Februar 2012


After quite some time of stalking arround, I thought I might as well get an account, since I have this blog to ramble about fashion now anyway.
This is what I submitted, I have another look up, but the picture is just very unflattering. I guess I'm taking that down again.

Shirt: Vero Moda
Shorts: Mango
Necklace: HotHoops
Shoes: Tamaris
Socks: Amazon
Belt: my Dads'

I love this outfit but honestly it was way to cold for this. We went to see a movie when I wore this an I thought my feet were going to freeze off. Since that  occasion I've worn nothing but my Uggs and I don't plan to until temperatures are above 0°C again. (right now we're at -14°C). brrrrrr

Clouded Sky, Clouded Mind

Will ist rain?

  Jacket: Review
Scarf: [don't remember]
Shirt: H&M
Riding Pants: H&M
Shoes: Buffalo
Belt: my Dads'

I'd say the picture is a bit of an improvement, thought the sephia-effect comes across way to strong for my liking. No idea how GIMP wants me to adapt that. Other than that I definitely need to find a prettier place to take my pictures, how about indoors?

I'm in love with this jacket.

There's nothing much to say today and I really, really need to go back to studying. I feel like it limits my brain, can't think about other stuff for 5 minutes straight right now. Bummer. I want this over with.

Didn't Hurt

Well, ok, it did. But it wasn't nearly as bad as the girl at the place where I got it done told me. She seriously freaked me out! "It's the worst piercing ever, you'll cry, your nose will swell....blahdiblahdiblah!!!" I was in there alone with her and a girl who just wanted her ears pierced (as in: normal earings) and they basically made me feel like I was a crazy person. I was scared sh**less, by the time i walked into the room they did the piercings in, but I hate backing out of things.
So when I lay on this chair, that reminded me of the dentists',  shaking the actual piercer tells me "Yes, you'll cry. It's a reflex reaction to getting this particular spot pierced." And I thought "Ok, the other things she told me... I'll just assume that was rubbish as well."
Apparently I was right. It wasn't near she had made it sound. HA! But maybe that's in her job description.
You can hardly see it in the picture. It's tiny anyway. My boyfriend doesn't like it. My parents hate it. I like it. Obviously <3.
EDIT: Boyfriend says he never said that. Swear that he did though!

A Controversial Fashion Issue: Creepers

I remember that for some time while I was in elementary school, platform shoes were “the shit“. I don’t remember caring about trends at that age apart from flared trousers (which I completely switched to and one day told my best friend at the time how totally uncool she was for wearing straight legged jeans and that I couldn’t be seen with her anymore) and, well, the thing with the platforms. In my head I still see them, they were black and white lace-ups and according to my memory they must have been at least 10cm high. All though looking back now, from a more realistic point of view they probably were about 4-5cm maximum or my mum wouldn’t have let me get away with it. The results were catastrophic anyway (which I of course never admitted) and when that trend was over I swore myself that I would never hop on the platform-bandwagon ever again.
I’m pretty damn close to breaking that vow right now. And Creepers are the trend to blame this time.

(e.g these, by T.U.K., image via amazon)
In some way they are just rather ugly shoes. In another I kind of like them for that. They’re bold. A statement piece, quirky and fun. I guess I’d get some weird stares (since I don’t live in the most… ahm…fashion forward area) but I get them a lot anyways for my more unusual fashion choices. It’s fun wearing something unexpected and to style it well. Creepers would be a nice addition to that
Still, am I really ready for platforms again? Even though they’re not that high?
My “alternativish” side says yes.
My wallet says no (atm).
My brain says: “Wanna twist your ankle?”
We’ll see.

(Not a Propper) Game-Review: Zelda: Skyward Sword

I would have never thought that my first “real” blog post would be a review, let alone a game-review. Actually I never ever thought that I would ever finish any game (well, aside from Pokémon), but now there is hope.

This is going to be about “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

First things first, let’s make this very clear: I am no gamer. I’m clueless about it. This is my first Zelda experience.
Though I always liked the concept of viedeo games, it sort of never worked out. You see, I just get really panicy when some monster comes up to me and tries to hack my head off. There is no way that I’m able to press all the right keys, in the right time, in the right order. Doesn’t work. But now there’s this game where I can pretend I’m holding a little sword and hack back without having to operate approximately 700 different keys on a little pad (thanks Nintendo!). Yes, there’s still combos but that’s no rocket science and I have all the time in the world to learn it, because I can still run around and swing my sword at stuff and it does something.
Admittedly I still struggle to kill the bosses (I’ve been told that’s what you call them… you know, the big scary ones at the end of the “dungeon” (I’ve been told that’s what you call the place with all the scary stuff and the riddles and puzzles)), but that’s what boyfriends are for, aren’t they? And maybe one day I’ll do it all by myself. …maybe.
The graphics are nice enough, I’m fussy about that. I’m a girl in that respect, I play no things which are ugly.

The story is cute, nothing bad to say about it but since I can’t really compare it to anything I’ll just shut up about it.
Say what you want but I love this game. Now I can become a nerd after all! Next I’ll play Twilight Princess.

I'm moving

to Blogger. After 2 weeks of wordpress (way to unflexible!). Hi Google!